This article provides you with information on enabling Let'sEncrypt. Let's Encrypt should be enabled automatically by default. However if it isn't, there is a way to enable it manually from cPanel.

Step 1- Login to cPanel

  • Please see our article on logging into cPanel here.

Step 2- Go to Security section and click SSL/TLS Status

Step 3 - Select the domain name in question an click Run AutoSSL

Step 4 - Completed!

  • This process can take up to 10 mins to complete
  • Any errors encountered should be reported to our Support Center.

NOTE: Let's Encrypt may not be suitable for you should you have any sensitive information on your website we would advise going for our paid SSL options. LetsEnctrypt has no guarantee that information will not be intercepted as it is a free tool.

TIP:For more information regarding SSL encryption and website security please see What is a SSL and why do I need it.