This quick guide will show you the steps to recover your lost Customer Zone password. 

There are two ways of updating your password to your 1-grid Customer Zone.  Should you have lost your password and you're unable to login to your Customer Zone you can request a password reset. The other way is by updating your password from within your customer zone while already logged in. We will explore lost password rest below.

Lost Password reset

Step 1 - Go to 1-grid Customer Zone

  • Follow the link address here to go to your Customer Zone

Step 2 - Click on Forgot Password

Step 3 - Enter your registered email  and click Submit. 

** Should you have set a security question during your application this will be presented on the next screen. Once entered click Submit again.

INFO: If you are unable to remember your security question's answer please contact our Support Center so they may verify your  account details. Once verified they will be able to send the reset link to your registered email address.

Step 4 - You will then be sent a password reset link via email.

TIP: Please see our article here on how to update your 1-grid password from within your Customer zone here.