This article provides you with information regarding our domain's renewal process.

We understand how important your domain name is for your business. We've set processes in place to ensure that your domain does not expire and try to save you the cost of paying an additional rescue and/or redemption fee. For this reason, our system sends out domain renewal invoices 60 days in advance.

Understanding a domain life cycle

  • Your domain will be renewed at the registry on the same anniversary day each year.
  • Paying your invoice in advance will not affect your domain renewal date.

Domain redemption 

  • Local domains, i.e. CO.ZA or .ORG.ZA, expire and fall outside the stipulated grace period, an additional “Domain Redemption” fee of R500.00 will be charged to retain the domain after the expiration.
  • This is an on-charge of a fee that the registry charges 1-grid. Let's try and avoid these and renew early.
  • International domain, .COM, .NET, and .ORG expire and fall outside of the stipulated grace period, a minimum “Domain Redemption” fee between $89 and $300 will apply if the domain is retained after the expiration thereof.

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