This guide shows you how to change the primary domain on a cPanel account.

Doing this will delete any custom DNS (including MX) records, so make sure to go into cPanel > Zone Editor and MX Entry and take a screenshot of or copy the records to a text document

A second effect of this change is that all email accounts change to reflect the new domain, for example changing the primary domain from to will change to 

Step 1- Login to WHM

  • Please see article on how to login to WHM here.

Step 2 - Click on List Accounts

Step 3 - Click the  "+"  next to relevant domain name to expand options then click Modify Account. 

Step 4 - Update the primary domain and click Save.

  • We do no advise making changes to the cPanel Username as this would take a longer time to take effect. 

That's it ! Your primary domain has been changed. 

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