This article provides you with information regarding our cWatch  Web Security service.


cWatch Web is a security intelligence service which protects networks and web applications from a wide range of threats.

  • cWatch runs regular malware scans on your domains and automatically removes any malware. The content delivery network (CDN) accelerates site performance by delivering your web content from data centers near your visitors.
  • The service constantly logs events on your domains to identify new attack vectors. These logs allow the Comodo cyber-security team (CSOC) to create new firewall rules to combat the latest threats.
  • The console dashboard instantly tells you about the health of your sites, including any attacks and security related incidents. You can have threat notifications sent to your email.
  • The web application firewall provides military grade defense against hacker, SQL injections, bot traffic and more. You can also create your own custom firewall rules.
  • You can run regular scans for the top 10 OWASP threats and known CMS vulnerabilities. The ‘Website Scan’ gives you an immediate heads-up on errors on your front-end pages.

What is the difference between cWatch and a SSL certificate ?

An SSL encrypts data being transmitted to and from your website, but it does not protect your site from other vulnerabilities, such as malware! With cWatch website security, you are using a complete security solution to protect your website.

TIP:For more information regarding SSL encryption and website security please see What is a SSL and why do I need it.