This article provides you with steps to update your Spam Score via SpamTitan Firewall

When evaluating messages SpamTitan applies hundreds of rules in order to arrive at an overall spam score for the message. By default, SpamTitan sets the spam threshold score at 5. If you find that this setting is too aggressive, or not aggressive enough then you can change the threshold on a per domain basis.

  • Any mail scoring above the threshold is considered spam and is quarantine (by default). 
  • All messages scoring below the threshold will be considered legitimate and passed onto the recipient(s). 

Below we provide you with steps to update your domain spam score should you run into issues with your mails.

Step 1- Login to your 1-grid Customer Zone.

Step 2 - Hover over Services and click SpamTitan Firewall

Step 3 - Next to the relevant domain click on Update Spam Score

Step 4 - Select a spam score from the drop-down menu ans click Update.

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