This article provides you with information as to what is considered an essential service by South African Government.

Businesses can only apply if they belong to this list of essential services categories:

    Health, Medical, Laboratory and medical services
    Emergency services, Disaster, Fire, EMS
    Finance, Banking, JSE/exchangers, insurance
    Production and sale Category A regulations goods
    Grocery stores, Spaza shops
    Electricity, water, gas, fuel supply and maintain
    Care services, social relief of distressed
    Funeral service, mortuaries
    Wildlife, anti-poaching, animal care, veterinary
    Newspaper, broadcasting, telecommunications
    Hygiene chemicals, medical, pharmaceutical
    Cleaning, sanitation, sewerage, waste removal
    Postal, courier, transport of medical products
    Private security services
    Air-traffic, Civil Aviation, Cargo Shipping
    Essential mining, Gold, gold refinery, coal
    Hotels, Accommodation, quarantine and isolation
    Supply, critical repair on essential service
    Transport essential staff, good and patients
    Tow trucks, vehicle recovery
    Call Centre for health safety social support
    Harvest and storage agricultural goods 

TIP: For more information regarding this please check the Government Website here