This article provides you with information on how to give access to your cPanel account .

Giving access to your 1-grid web hosting account to your web developer or website designer is really easy. Below we will cover providing FTP access or full admin access to your hosting platform.

Providing FTP Access

Providing Control Panel Admin access.

  • For security purposes, we do not show password details via the 1-grid Customer Zone. 
  • We would advise updating the password to your cPanel when providing the details to your developer and changing it again once they've completed their work. 
  • Please refer to our article on How to update your cPanel password.

What information should I provide to my Developer?

  • URL to the hosting package : or or
  • Username (available on client area, screenshot below)
  • Password  (Customer would have reset it so they would know)

Where do I find this information?

Step 1- Login to your 1-grid Customer Zone

Step 2- Click Services

Step 3- Click Manage Product on the relevant service.

Step 4- Scroll Down to see package information displayed.