This article provides you with steps to setup your tax for your online store.

Step 1 - Login to Website Builder

Step 2 - Click on Login again on the start page.

Step 3 - Click on Store


Step 3 Click on Settings and then Tax

  • If you haven't yet set up your store, you will need to add at least one shipping rate. 
  • You can only set up a tax rate for a place that you ship to. 
  • The tax page will prompt you to add a shipping rate before you can add any tax rates.


Once you have added at least one shipping rate:

  • Toggle Enable tax?
  • Toggle Enable tax for your desired countries
  • Add the tax rate
  • Click Save


When is tax calculated?

  • Tax is calculated during checkout and is applied to the combined value of all items in the basket.
  • Shipping rates are not taxed.
  • Discount codes are applied before tax is added to the basket value.