This article provides you with steps to publish blog posts from your mobile device.

Step 1 - Login to your Website Builder from your mobile device.

  • Login to cPanel from your mobile browser.
  • Click on Login

Step 2 -Click On Site SettingsBlog

Step 3 -Click on + button to add new blog post.

  • Tap on the Post title and Post fields and type your content

Step 4 -Click on + button to add new image

  • You can add an image from your device, from images recently uploaded and from the stock image library

Step 5 - Add Category and Tags and Publish

  • To add Tags to your blog post, tap into the field and type. Tap Enter on your keyboard to save. 
  • When your blog post is complete, tap Publish and the post will go live on your website. However, you are also able to save the post to your drafts to finish at a later date on any other device.