This article provides you with information regarding gaining access to an account if the owner is deceased.

We are sorry to hear about the passing of the account holder and created situation where we are unable to meet your requests to release the account login details and ownership to you; however, we appreciate your understanding of how important we take verification prior to allowing access or change of ownership of an account. We have certain verification and security methods in place to protect account owners from potential hackers, thieves, or anyone, in general, that would want to gain access to an account to cause disruption of service or harm to a business or organization. This in no way implies that we suspect this of you; however, when we receive contacts from individuals that are unable to produce verification of the account ownership, we must adhere to our security policies and protect the account holder. 

To gain access to such account please provide us with the following documents: 

  • A properly completed Change Request form with the Estate Administrator listed as the requester. 
  • Legal documentation listing the name of the Estate Administrator such as an affidavit.
  • Death certificate
  • Photo identification for the requester/Estate Administrator. We require the government-issued photo identification be a color copy, scan or digital picture containing the pictured person, name and signature clearly identifiable.

Please send these documents to and allow our Accounts department up to 3 working days to process your request.