This article provides you with steps to change the primary domain name of a cPanel hosting account via WHM.

Before you start

Before changing the primary domain of your account, there are some important steps to follow to safeguard your account and ensure a smooth transition.

  • We recommend that you take a backup of the website content and databases and download them.
  • CMS installations (like Wordpress/Joomla) can break when you change your primary domain. Make sure you have a proper backup of the content and database.
  • If you have added the new domain name as an Alias or Addon or Parked domain, you need to delete it before using this domain name. Ensure you take a backup of any content before deleting it.

Change the domain name in the cPanel

Step 1- Login to WHM

  • Please see article on how to login to WHM here.

Step 2 - Click on List Accounts

Step 3 - Click the  "+"  next to relevant domain name to expand options

Step 4 - Click on Modify Account

Step 5  - Update Primary domain name 

  • Scroll all the way down the page and click save