This article explains to process of transferring domains to 1-grid.

Before you begin: To transfer and .uk domains, you must be able to log into the current registrar or as the owner of the domain.

Transferring and .uk domains to 1-grid follows a different procedure from transferring other domains. Nominet, the registry for and .uk, uses a "push transfer" process:

  • First, Initiate a domain transfer request on 1-grid portal.
  • You must then you must ask your current registrar to change the Registrar tag (also known as an IPS tag) for your domain at your current registrar to 
  • Then, your current registrar will then alert the registry.
  • Then the registry alerts 1-grid of the transfer, and we complete the transfer.

What is the IPS TAG?

An IPS tag, otherwise known as an Internet Provider Security tag, is a label that identifies domain registrars when administering domain name registration and DNS services.

The IPS tag system is a standard required by Nominet, the .uk domain name registry service, and is used to identify the hosting company associated with a specific .uk domain name.

To transfer in .CO.UK and .UK domains:

  • Go to 1-grid website and initiate a transfer request.
  • Then go to the registrar where the domain is currently registered and log in as the owner of the domain you are transferring. Follow the registrar's transfer out instructions for and .uk domains.
  • At the current registrar, make sure the Registrant contact email address for the domain is correct and that you have access to it. To verify and complete the transfer, we will send a message to this address.  
  • At the current registrar enter or select TUCOWS-CA for the Registrar tag or IPS tag (the destination of the transfer). 
  • 1-grid  will send an you an email to complete the transfer. Check the email for the Registrant email address for the domain, and click Confirm Transfer in the email.