This article provides you with some information regarding our "anniversary billing system" and how to make sure you don't miss a payment date.

The 1-grid Billing system uses InvoicAlignment to make sure you're billed the correct rate for the exact days you had a particular product or service.

When your  1-grid service is activated, your "anniversary date" is set. This is the date your 1-grid invoices are sent to you each month.

What Is Anniversary Billing?

Anniversary Billing is where the date of  your invoices is set to match the same day of the month that you purchased the product or service.

This means that all newly purchased services with monthly billing will have recurring invoices on the same date of purchase.

Example:  if you purchased a Linux Medium 2.0 package  the 13th February an invoice will be generated for the initial purchase and your following invoice will be sent to you on the 13th of March and so forth.

How to make sure you do not miss an Invoice ?

1-grid has released an Android application which when installed will send push notifications to your mobile phone whenever an invoice is sent to you from our system.

We strongly recommend that this application is installed as it will allow you access to your account  from wherever you are via your mobile phone or tablet.

For more information regarding the application and how to install in please see Introduction to 1-grid Android App.