This article provides you with information regarding account limitations in regards to email account creation.

This feature means that you can create as many e-mail boxes as you want on your hosting package.  1-grid does not limit the number of email accounts you can create the only limitation we have is the amount of space you have available for use on our servers.

  • If you choose our Linux Medium package you have a total of 5GB of space available. 
  • This means everything you upload like website files, pictures emails plus email attachments will take up of this space.
  • Example: If you choose to create 100 email accounts on this package all the combined emails these accounts send and receive will be limited to the 5GB of the total package quota.

Should the quota of 5GB  be reached your package will not allow you to send or receive emails. You would then need to delete the email or other data to make space for email service to resume or alternatively upgrade to a bigger package.