This article provides you with information on how to revert a cancellation request.

When you have requested a cancellation of service by the end of the Billing cycle date and the cancellation has not yet been technically performed, it is still possible to reverse the cancellation. 

You can reverse your cancellation request via the following methods:

There is no admin fee for re-activation of services however upon re-activation, an invoice will be generated for the normal monthly billing of the service. Once this invoice is settled the service will resume.

If a cancellation has already been carried out, it cannot be reversed. Data on web hosting packages and VPS services will have been removed completely from our systems. A canceled domain name will go into the 'Redemption Period', which will also be shown in the public WHOIS information. 

To learn more about getting a domain back after it has expired please take a look at our article How to get domain back after expiry.