This article provides you with some information on how to check DNS records.

There is always the possibility that someone will change a DNS record on a website and then need to change it back. Sometimes people forget to document things, and so you might arrive in a situation where you are trying to find out what the old nameservers were, or what IPs your custom nameservers were pointing to. 

How to check the history of your domain's DNS?

1. SecurityTrails (free)

SecurityTrails (previously DNS Trails) is an awesome free solution to lookup DNS history. This site contains access to a database of roughly 3.4 trillion DNS records, 3 billion WHOIS records, and 418 million hostnames. All of which have been collected daily since mid-2008.

SecurityTrails is our personal favorite and seems to have the most accurate DNS history records. This should also return the most data for you.

2. Complete DNS (free)

Complete DNS is a great quick, easy, and free way to easily see changes on your nameservers, etc. They have over 2.2 billion nameserver change records. Note: They will limit you to 3 free lookups within a certain period of time.

3. (free)

WhoISrequest is a site we found that delivers a good view of a domain’s DNS history in regards to nameservers. In fact, they’ve been tracking nameserver changes since 2002. Note: They will limit you to 5 free lookups within a certain period of time.

4. DNS History (free)

DNS History has been crawling DNS records since 2009. Their database currently contains over 650 million domains and over 2 billion DNS records.

The data doesn’t seem to be as accurate in our opinion but can provide another good reference.