This article provides you with information as to why your domain shows a 1-grid landing page upon registration or in some cases where no website content exists.

At 1-grid our business is helping our customers get online. Thus when you register a new domain name a landing page is automatically added to the parking space to show whoever visits your domain that you are active and online. A lot of start-ups just set up their domain but may not use it for a while, and in larger organizations, the person who takes responsibility for the web site may not know who they need to speak to, so the links on our landing page are provided to guide customers who may not remember where they sourced their website/domain from when they are ready to set up their web presence.

Why do we add landing pages?

  • To avoid unused websites showing empty directory listing or blank pages
  • In some instances, especially for larger companies, it makes it easy to identify at which hosting provider a domain and website are hosted based on the landing page.

On which hosting accounts are landing pages automatically added?

  • Domain parking accounts that come with new domain registrations.
  • Shared hosting accounts where no index page is specified or no website content exists.

How can I remove the 1-grid landing page?


  • Shared hosting
    1. Add content to your web hosting space by setting up a website, common CMS’s are WordPress and Joomla
    2. Create your own custom landing page and update the content of your accounts index page