With technology constantly evolving and improving we are on a mission to offer our customers the best solutions. This led to the introduction of Plesk Obsidian to our suite of control panels.


Since then, we have made the decision to implement Plesk Obsidian as our main control panel product for all Windows Hosting.


This decision was made after our license providers announced that they would no longer be providing licenses or support for these previously offered Windows Helm and Windows WSP packages.




As an existing user of our Windows Helm or Windows WSP packages, you will need to migrate your domain(s) onto Plesk Obsidian by March 31st 2021  




We have written comprehensive Knowledgebase articles detailing how to go about migrating yourself over to Plesk Obsidian.


As an existing user of our previous solutions, we are offering you your first 2 months on Plesk Obsidian for FREE. This gives you sufficient time to migrate without needing to pay for 2 control panels.


To claim this offer use the promo code “pleskmove” on checkout.





What is Plesk Obsidian?


Plesk Obsidian gives more flexibility and control, meaning more efficient management of your websites. Built to manage performance and gatekeeping behind the scenes; in an unobtrusive way, Plesk Obsidian is the best control platform on the market.


Why can I not use my previous control panel?


Our license providers are no longer providing support or provisioning licenses for Windows Helm and Windows WSP control panels. This means that over time these control panels will become vulnerable to online attacks as no maintenance will be performed on these platforms. This also means that there will not be any more feature updates and you will not be able to add new features or products to your control panel