This article provides you with steps to migrate your WSP emails to Plesk.

When you are ready to move your email account from the legacy WSP control panel to Windows Plesk's Smartermail there are 3 simple steps to follow which we will cover below.

Step 1 - Make a note of email accounts and passwords on WSP Control Panel which you are going to need when recreating these emails on Plesk to move the email data.

  • If you do not remember the email password you would like to move to Plesk we would advise updating the password and writing the new password down to get ready for your move.

Step 2 Recreate email account on Windows Plesk 

  • To create email accounts on Windows Plesk please follow the steps provided here.
  • When creating a new email account we would advise setting the password the same as what it was on the old Control Panel.

Step 3 - Log in to the email account and import email data from legacy WSP email.

TIP: For more instructions migrating to Windows Plesk, please see article list here