This article provides you with steps to configure your Positive SSL via 1-grid Customer zone.

Once your SSL has been purchased and activated you will need to configure it for installation on your domain.

Below we will cover the steps to do so.

Step 1 - Generate your CSR on the relevant Control Panel.

Step 2- Login to your Customer Zone to configure SSL.

  • Follow the link address here to go to your Customer Zone
  • Go to Services and click Manage Product on your SSL Certificate.

Step 3- Click on Submit Certificate Request (CSR)

Step 4 -  Paste CSR generated in Step1 into the text field

  • Click Submit CSR

Step 5 -  Validate domain 

  • Select the Validation method from the drop-down list 
  • Click Submit  Validation Request
  • Complete steps provided to validate your domain. For more information on domain validation please see the process doc here.

Step 6 -  Download your SSL certificate