This article provides you with information on how to construct emails that will not be blocked by our Outgoing Firewall MailChannels.

As you’re probably aware, hosting companies relay millions of emails every day on behalf of their customers and employ sophisticated tools to ensure secure and reliable delivery. At 1-grid, a service called MailChannels automatically detects and blocks the sending of spam, phishing and other abusive types of email.

 There are numerous reasons why MailChannels may flag an email as a risk. A common issue is the use of subject lines that are found in widespread spam campaigns, for example, variations of greetings such as re: fwd: hello, hi, etc.

Below please find a list of  tips to below to improve the mail reputation:

  • Don't write emails without a subject line.

  •  Don’t write subject lines ALL IN CAPS.

  • Don’t plea with people to “Open Me!”

  • Don’t deceive readers with a false promise.

  • Don’t give away everything in your subject line (Do not make your subject line too long).

  • Don’t use one word – like “Hi!” – as your subject line.

  • Skip the punctuation!!!

  • Don’t add Re: to your subject line to deceive readers.

  • Avoid using blacklisted URLs, suspicious/ bad attachments in the mails.