This article provides you with steps to migrate cPanel to Plesk Obsideon for Linux.

Preparation for cPanel to Plesk migration

To ensure your Plesk migration process is seamless make sure that you have enough disk space on both cPanel and Plesk packages.

Backup Website files on cPanel

Step 1- Login to cPanel

  • Please see our article on logging into cPanel here.

Step 2 - Click on File Manager under your Files section.

Step 3 - Compress your website folder.

Step 4 - Download the compressed file to your computer by clicking on it in your File Manager.

Export database on cPanel

Step 1 - Click on phpMyAdmin  in the databases section 

Step 2 - Click on the database you are working within the left menu

Step 3 - Click Export in the tabs along the top of the screen.

Step 4 - Select Quick Method and click Go to export.

Upload website files to Plesk

Step 1- Login to Plesk.

  • Login with username and password received when you completed your subscription.

Step 2- Go to Domains -> File Manager.

Step 3- Select httpdocs then click Upload file

  • Upload the previously downloaded backup you made on your cPanel.

  • Once the upload completes, select the uploaded file and click extract files

Import database to Plesk


Step 1- Click on Databases



Step 2- Click on Add Database

Step 3- Complete Database details and click Save


Step 4 - Click on Import Dump and select your Database

  • Import your previously downloaded Mysql database from cPanel