Email archiving is a cloud-based solution that helps any organization efficiently store, safeguard, manage, and discover data from most email systems such as Microsoft Exchange Online, Hosted Exchange, Workspace Gmail. 

Emails, attachments, calendars, tasks, and related files are archived using envelope journaling, ensuring all assets are stored without fail.

This solution allows you to backup any number of email addresses with any provider and does not restrict you to emails hosted with 1-grid only as long as you have enough storage available on your archive package.

1-grid's archiving solutions are built on top of our Email Backup, providing a robust set of business continuity tools including powerful advanced search, end-user access, and Insights BI. All in an easy-to-use, one pane of glass integrated interface. All emails are:

Securely backed up

Professionally archived




You can order your Email Archiving solution here.