Step 1. Go to the Website 

Step 2. If you have an account you can Join in, IF NOT you can create a profile by clicking on sign in


Step 3. Click on Create an Account and fill in the necessary information then click on Register. You Will receive an Email on the Email address you have added in the information box 

Step 4. You will then receive an Email to the Email address you have listed in the information. You will need to go to the Email and click on Activate Account


Step 5. Type in 1-Grid in the search bar when completing the Positive Review 


Step 6. Click on Write a Review

Step 7. 

  • Type in 1-Grid in the search bar where it ask you "Which business would you like to review"
  • Select the Five star rating
  • Type a small comment on the positive interaction you had along with the Agents name that dealt with your query
  • Put a Review title  

Step 8. Click on Publish Review