This article will explain exactly what happens once logging a support ticket until the ticket gets closed.

  • Once logging a ticket to the support department, The customers ticket will reflect on our system as Open

  • The moment you receive a response from any of our agents ( Eg: agent is requesting for more details on the ticket ) Your ticket will be marked as - Waiting on Customer Feedback. 

  • The ticket will remain on Waiting on customer feedback up until the customer has responded.

  • If there has been no response from the customer on the ticket, After day 3 of the ticket Waiting on customer feedback a reminder email that will be sent out again to the customer, Advising that the ticket will be closed if we do not hear from you within the next 48 hours. 

  • After the 48 hour period is completed, the ticket will automatically be marked as Closed.

  • You have the option to respond to the closed ticket and the ticket will reopen 

  • NB: this make the ticket lifecycle 5 days if no response was received by the customer