This article will show you how to Purchase a new Order from our Website 

NB: Services can only be activated once you have completed payment via our website. Please see the below guideline on how to complete a purchase successfully : 

Step 1. Once on the Website ( ) Select your product  

Step 2. Choose the product by clicking on Add to Cart 


Step 3. Choose a Domain name or an existing Domain name, Once completed Click on continue 

Step 4. You can either choose between a Backup or No Backup, Once you have selected the option click on Continue 

Step 5. Review all products added to Cart, Click on the X if you wish to remove the unwanted product or click Checkout to proceed with order


Step 6. Please complete the required details and select the payment method along with accepting our terms and conditions on the box below ( This will now generate an invoice for the product/s you have selected ) Once completed, Click on Complete Order 

Step 7. Click on Visit my Customer Zone 

Step 8. Once logged into the customer zone please follow the steps as per link below 

Pay Invoice with Instant EFT