This Article will show you how to point your domain to Shopify in your Plesk Linux package 

Step1. Log in to Plesk Linux hosting package via Customer Zone 

Please click on this link to show you how to access your Hosting Package  

Step 2. Click on the domain name to Open the domain name to open the hosting package 

Step 3. Click on DNS Settings

Step 4. Click on the Record you would like to update   

Step 5. Remove the IP address and put in the Shopify IP address that it needs to point to

Step 6. Once you have updated the correct IP address they that Shopify has provided to you, Usually it is then click Apply  

Step 7. Enter Shopify's CNAME record which should of been provided to you. Usually it is

Step 8. Enter the Record and click Apply 

Step 9. Once Completed, Click on Update for the settings to Apply