This article will show you how to backup your website files and database via phpMyAdmin

Step 1. Log in to Cpanel

Step 2. Click on File manager 

Step 3. Click on Home on top 

Step 4. Right Click on Public_HTML then click on Compress

Step 5. Choose Zip Archive then click on Compress Files 

Step 6. You can click close on the Compression results page.

You will then be able to see the Zip file you have Compressed in the home page of the file manage, 

Step 7.  You can right click on it and click on download to download the folder onto your PC 

Once downloading the Website content from file manager, you will need to download the Database from phpMyAdmin also. 

Step 8. Click on phpMyAdmin 

Step 9. Click on the Username 

Step 10. Click on Export 

Step 11. Then click on Go and the database will download