Funds can be used by you to pay your invoices online through your customer zone. This quick guide will take you through the steps of adding funds to your account so that future invoices can be paid automatically using the credit on your account.

Step 1 - Login to your 1-grid Customer Zone.

Step 2 - Hover over Billing then click Add Funds

Step 3 - Enter the amount of funds you wish to add and click Add Funds

Step 4 - Enter credit card details and click Pay.

INFO: Funds will be available immediately if added with credit card. instant EFT or Snapscan.  However please note that adding funds does not automatically pay your outstanding invoices. It will only be automatically allocated to new invoices that are generated thereafter.

TIP: For  different ways to settle upstanding invoices please see Paying with SnapscanPaying with credit card and Paying with instant EFT.  Should require further support please contact our Billing and Accounts department by clicking here.