This article provides you with step by step instructions on how to pay you invoices with snapscan.

Step 1- Download and install SnapScan.

Step 2- Login to your 1-grid Customer zone.

Step 3 - Open any of your unpaid invoices.  

  • Hover over Billing then click My invoices.
  • Select your invoice by clicking on the Unpaid button.

Step 4 - Select SnapScan as your payment method

Step 5 - Open the app on your phone and scan the code image.

Step 6 - Complete payment  on phone then click Confirm payment on your invoice.

TIP: Invoice will update immediately to paid. You can automate payments by  switching you payment method to debit order or credit card. Automated payment methods do not require any manual action from you and will ensure your services never go into suspended mode should you have forgotten to make payment.