This guide will take you through the steps of migrating your content from WSP to Windows Plesk.

1. Log in to the Plesk control panel and recreate the email accounts, Databases, and DB users.  

2. Make note of the IP address of your current mail server as this will be required later.  

4. Download your website content via FTP. 

5. Upload your website content to the new Windows Plesk servers.

6. Update your website content as necessary.

If you make use of the localhost for your SMTP within your send mail script, please use the following article to update it. SMTP authentication sending via scripts will require authentication.

You can use the site preview feature to see if your site loads. 

Please note that some links may not work correctly in the website preview due to DNS still pointing to the old webserver.


7. If the preview site works and you have tested all links, then proceed to update your nameservers 


9. Follow these steps to import your emails. Please take note and use the IP address from step 2 of the old mail server instead of the domain name.


10. If your site uses no database, then your migration is complete. Proceed to test the site and cancel the existing package.


11. If you are using databases, the site on the new control panel will still be pointing to the Database on the old control panel. 

12. You will need to do the following:  

Put your site into maintenance mode so that nothing is written to the database at this point.  

Recreate the database on the Plesk Control Panel, update the script on the old website. 

Update your scripts on new sites to match new DB name and users.  


14. Test the site.

15. Request cancellation of the existing WSP package.

That's it! You have successfully migrated your content across to Plesk.