This article provides information regarding making changes to already registered domain names.

Unfortunately, if you have already registered a domain name, you cannot merely “swap it” for another or change the lettering should you've made a typo mistake.

We register the domain on your behalf with the domain registry, exactly as you typed it in on our website. Once the domain is registered it is yours for the next 12 months. It is not possible to undo this. 

To change your current domain name to another:

  • You will need to request cancellation the current domain (This will cancel the renewal of the domain when it expires at the end of 12 months). 

  • Domain cancellations cannot be refunded as the domain was already registered.Requests for domain cancellation must be sent to

  • You can then go ahead and register the new domain name that you actually want.

  • Once the new domain is registered and setup in your hosting package, if you had any data on the previous domain you would need to migrate it to the new domain. Please see our article on how to migrate from cPanel to cPanel.

TIP: Should you require more information regarding domain cancellations please email our domain admins You can also contact our Support Center by clicking here.