This article provides you with information regarding reactivation of a cancelled hosting product.

What hosting services can be reactivated ?

  • If your web hosting account has been deactivated (suspended) due to non- or late-payment within the last 2-3 months, you are able to have it reactivated  at any time simply by making payment and using any of our payment methods. 
  • For previously cancelled services an invoice would not exist. An invoice would need to be generated manually by our Billing Department.
  • Managed and Self-Managed Servers (VPS or Dedi), require manual reactivation, which takes longer. 
  • Any hosting services suspended longer then 3 months would not be available on our servers any longer. To re-activate a hosting account such as this would be the same as ordering a new hosting package.

How do I reactivate a hosting package?

  • To reactivate a hosting package an email needs to be sent to requesting the reactivation of the the service weather suspended or cancelled.
  • If an invoice doesn't already exist in the case of a suspended service an invoice will manually be generated for the serviced reactivation.
  • Once the invoice is settled services will be activated.