1-grid payment methods:


Debit Order

Debit order is by far the best way to settle your account. We would recommend that you change to this payment method. Here's how you can  switch to debit order

Payment will be processed with the next debit order batch. Debit orders will run on the 1st of the month and every Thursday thereafter. 


Immediate Payment Methods:


To make an immediate payment, use these payment methods Snapscan, Instant EFT via payfast or Secure credit card payment methods.


Secure Credit Card


Step 1: If you choose to pay by Credit Card, the following screen displays



Step 2: Enter a valid credit card and then click submit

Step 3: The payment gateway will take you to a page where you need to provide an OTP code or ‘Approve’ the transaction



The credit card details will be stored to the account for future collections.




What is Snapscan?

SnapScan is more than just a smartphone app. It’s a mobile payment solution that makes it easy and safe to pay and receive payments in a store, online, at home, and on the go. No need for cards, cash, or time-consuming EFTs – just simple payments in a snap!


Use your Snapscan app to make payment. Click here to signup







1.  Instant EFT & Masterpass (via Payfast)


1.1      Instant EFT:


Step 1: On the drop down menu select Instant EFT & Masterpass (via Payfast)




Step 2: Click Instant EFT via Payfast or Masterpass




Step 3: If you choose Instant EFT via Payfast, then choose your bank:



Step 4: The bank selected will provide two drop down payment options:


·        Login to your “Bank Selected” account

·        Make an EFT payment from your bank


Simply follow the instructions provided.



1.2              Masterpass:


Step 1: Select Masterpass



Step 2: Use your Masterpass App to complete payment




Click here to find out how to setup Zapper on your phone.