This article provides you with information regarding contentless packages Domain Parking and Domains Essentails.

What is a Domain Parking package?

When registering a new Domain name with 1-grid and you do not order a hosting package at the same time a free domain parking package is automatically added to your registration order.

This package does not allow for any domain management but links your domain to our nameservers so the domain shows live when browsing to it via the internet.

What is a Domain Essentials package?

Domain essential package is a parking package that allows for Domain management (DNS) and also adds ID protect to your domain name. You are able to login to the package as per a normal cPanel package and can edit your DNS by going to the Zone Editor addon.

This Domain management  + ID protect package costs R99 per year and can be upgraded to a normal hosting package at any time.

What is ID Protect?

Please see our in-depth article regarding Domain ID protect here.

NOTE: Both these packages will have the 1-grid landing page as it does not allow for content upload or Email addresses.