This article provides you with steps to migrate your Joomla website to a new control panel.

Step 1 - Backup old Joomla! Website

The first thing you need to backup all files of your old website Joomla! installation. Make a folder on windows and download all files to that folder using FTP. You can use the  FileZilla client to download the files from the old server.

Step 2 - Backup or Export Old Joomla! database

In your Web hosting Control panel, you will find the PhpMYAdmin in the Database Section. This will help you to Export the Database from Old Server.

Step 3 - Edit the configuration.php

Open the folder where you saved the Old Joomla! files, in that folder you will find the  “configuration.php”. Open this file with a Notepad or Word pad, and make the necessary changes.  The following argument are necessary for the Joomla! to run on a new server.

$host – New Database host. In most of the time, this will be “localhost,” but if you are using a different server for your database, you  need to change this value.
$user –  New Database user. Change this if it is different from the user on your other server.
$password   – New Database user’s password.
$db – New Database name.
$tmp_path  – Absolute path to the tmp directory on your server. It look like “/path/to/joomla/installation/tmp.”
$log_path – Absolute path to the logs directory on your server. It  look  like “/path/to/joomla/installation/logs.”
$live_site  – This  is optional. You can  leave it blank, but if you use it, this is the URL of your site. It will  look like “” or “”

Step 4 - Upload all file to the new server

Upload all files that you have downloaded from Old Server to New Sever by using the FileZilla Client.

Step 5 - Import old  database to the new Control Panel

Create the New database with the same name that you mentioned in the configuration.php. Import the old Joomla! database to New server by using the PhpMyAdmin.